Now Veterans day was celebrated this past Monday, but there’s one women whose service is being recognized tonight.

This is 24 year-old, Estela Piñon, a native from Harlingen and daughter of church pastors, she has has seen more than the average person her age.

I sat down with Piñon, a second lt in the Texas National Guard, as she explained in detail of her adventures in the U.S. Army, national guard and the UTPA ROTC program and why she decided to join in the first place.

Lt. Piñon says it wasn’t easy going through training but it paid off in the end, so says her many plaques and certificates.

She has advice for women who might have misconceptions about serving.

Piñon is also in the process of obtaining a master’s in global securities, she states it’s important for everyone to accomplish a goal in their life.