Santa Rosa (KFXV) — A woman is out of ICU after being stabbed approximately 17 times.

We spoke to the officer who responded to the emergency call. Tonight he tells us the conditions in which he found the victim and her alleged attacker.

Chief of police Ronnie Hernandez remembers the morning it happened, he says it seemed like any other..calm and quiet.

He tells us how while responding to a call in a home at Santa Rosa Village he soon discovered the opposite.

With his shirt covered in blood stains and a lifeless look on his face, 45 year old, Francisco Hinojosa was taken into custody accused of stabbing his wife 17 times with this kitchen knife.

Hernandez says he was forced to take a towel from the victim’s room putting pressure on her neck to avoid her from bleeding out.

According to authorities, the attack occurred after Hinojosa’s wife told him she wanted to end their relationship; a marriage of 17 years that produced 4 children.

Laura Barco says she has been in a similar situation before and advises women to seek help, especially when in a potentially volatile circumstance — like ending a marriage.

According to officials, Hinojosa did not have a criminal record before this incident. He is now facing a $500,000 bond and a charge for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.