GRANJENO (KFXV) — A woman gives birth in the back of a Border Patrol’s vehicle.This just a day after Border Patrol agents encountered another woman who was with a 7 month old infant who was unresponsive at the time.

After a long journey crossing the border, a pregnant woman is encountered by Border Patrol in Granjeno where moments after she gives birth in the back of a Border Patrol’s vehicle. Elizondo states there are over 200 EMT Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley. While the mother also remains in the hospital, Elizondo states once she is released, she will be processed by immigration. Although the newborn son is a U.S. citizen, the mom may not be protected under immigration law. According to immigration lawyer, Alejandro Martinez, giving birth to a baby in the U.S does not provide a pathway to citizenship for those who entered undocumented. A similar case occurred this past Sunday in Progreso where Border Patrol agents encountered a Honduran woman with a 7 month old infant who was unresponsive. Officials state it could have been due to dehydration and lack of food. In both cases the women were alone, an issue authorities say occurs too often.

If you are traveling pregnant or with your children, please take precaution. Your life and theirs is very valuable.