Rosalinda Garcia says she is losing money each passing day that her fence goes unrepaired.  Her dilemma raises a bigger question about where to turn if this happens to you.

A week has passed since then, with Garcia’s property still damaged. She says it is too costly to fix.

This situation is not unheard of. Damages to private property, in this case at the hands of a human smuggling pursuit, are not always resolved.

A problem that one local congressman has tried to address.

In Texas, house bill 1931, seeks to use excess money from law enforcement that could be used towards victims of this kind of vandalism.

But according to the Hidalgo county district attorney, those funds are very limited.

In a statement to Fox 2, border patrol says that those who wish to be compensated can submit a claim through the tort claim act.

Although it does not guarantee a payment, cases like these might have to wait until a provision comes out of congressman Cuellar’s study in order to protect landowner’s property.