Early voting is just a few days away and we have all you need to know on what you will need to cast your ballot, come Monday.
The court of appeals for the fifth circuit United States ruled that the law of the state voter id shall remain in effect for the November election this year.

But not every ID is accepted; therefore Fox 2 news made it our homework to make sure you know exactly what you need to bring to the polls.

“Well there are seven forms id, license, passport ect,”

For those of you with expired licenses, she also said as long as your ID is no more than 60 days past its expiration date, it may still be used to vote.

This year the number of people registered broke records with more than 321 thousand people registering.

“We never see this many people we have seen a huge increase,”

Yvonne Ramon director of elections says being informed is key when voting

Early voting begins this Monday and ends on the 31st of October.

“Please remember to vote if you want to see change,”

You must remember that during early voting you can cast your vote at any poll.

If you wait until November, you can only vote at your assigned location. If you want more information call 318 25 70.