Now to a FOX 2 News exclusive, Weslaco police arrest a 21-year-old wanted on several charges, including credit card theft.

With a bond set at almost $150,000 authorities say this man will be off the streets for a while.

Judge Samuel Sanchez tells FOX 2 News the 21-year-old was not a stranger to police.

With the assistance of the us marshals fugitive task force, Weslaco police arrested José Angel Guerra in the city of Weslaco at approximately 8 this morning.

“The credit card abuse started with the theft of the vehicle. The credit cards were in the vehicle that he burglarized along with purses.”

It is also known that Guerra found the keys to a second vehicle inside the one stolen which added to his charges.

“Is he a danger to the community? Yes, I think so. With all due respect to his family, there are victims involved in all of this.”

Guerra faced two charges of theft, three for credit card abuse, one for evading arrest and one for resisting arrest.