For now, Donna police have only one person in custody, but it so happens that person was one of the victims.

18-year-old Adonis Ulisis Garcia was arraigned in a Donna municipal court where he was given a 25 thousand dollar bond for the possession of narcotics.

Drugs armed suspects allegedly were after when breaking into Garcia’s residence on church street Tuesday evening.

“One of the victims had been assaulted; he was missing teeth from his mouth.  Approaching the residence they noticed 2 vehicles leaving the location. One was a golden colored Chevy Tahoe and one was a silver colored ford van,” explains lt. Ricardo Suarez, Donna police.

A call to police led officers to mile 10 and a half and fm 493, miles away from the crime scene where they found the Chevy Tahoe in flames abandoned next to a canal and loaded with 15 pounds of marijuana.

“Based on the information that we got, based on the evidence we recovered from location, from the burning vehicle, we believe these men were there to rip of the dope,” says Suarez.

While paramedics took the injured victim to the hospital, investigators at the residence noticed the smell of marijuana.  Three and a half pounds of it that are believed to belong to Garcia.

Authorities continue to look for the assailants and the silver ford van. If you have any information you are asked to call the crime stoppers hotline at 956-464-TIPS.