Mexican media reporting a series of firefights, blockades, and arson in multiple corners of the city. Here’s a video captured by a woman as she tries to flee from an apparent shootout. The woman, screaming in a state of panic during an exchange of fire after she decides to leave her car behind in an effort to seek shelter at a nearby movie theater. This eruption of violence, beginning around 2:30 this afternoon, is attributed to the alleged capture of a top gulf cartel leader. Sources tell us, Mexican authorities were involved in a shootout with members of the gang, which ended with the arrest of José Hugo Rodriguez Sanchez, AKA “El Gafe”. These pictures showing the suspected gulf cartel leader before he is transported to a detention center via airplane. Mexican authorities not yet confirming this information.

And as reports of violence were flooding the newsroom it also flooded social media, with pictures and video of the remnants of vehicles set on fire.

Viewer images show several busses engulfed in flames, presumably used to block off major streets and highways in Reynosa–the same blockades where police forces clashed with organized criminal organizations. We’re told at least two police officers were injured and one person dead. This also prompted the Pharr International Bridge to close for about 20 minutes around 3:30 pm.

U.S. Officials now confirming that all ports of entry have resumed regular activities.