Today a family is asking for help after a tragic accident that occurred in august that left one of their loved ones critically injured.

On August 25th, Juan Manuel Garza was driving home in his Grand Marquis after a long day at work at cleaning company, when he was struck by the driver of a Ford Mustang.

A month after the tragic accident, family is beginning to lose hope.

“The doctor didn’t give me any hope that he will walk again anytime soon I don’t know what to do now and plus all the bills cut he can’t work now,” explains Sonia Ledezma, victim’s wife.

This accident involving two vehicles happened west of Shary and Monte Cristo roads.

According to DPS, a passenger in the Ford Mustang died at the scene and four other people, including Garza were transported to area hospital with serious injuries.

Until this day, it’s a tough pill to swallow.

“The driver of the other car came to my husband’s car right after the accident apologizing and my husband told him to go look into his passengers instead,” adds Ledezma.

According to Sonia, not only could her husband be left with a permanent disability, but the medical bills keep piling up.

She claims it will be hard to tend to her husband’s needs and take care of their three children.

Juan Manuel’s future is unpredictable and the family needs your help with donations to cover medical costs.

So if you want to help this family please call 956-685-7316.