The chief of police tells us, it was the victims that called the authorities. Residents at 1319 south New Jersey called 911 after 4 armed assailants invaded their property.

The emergency call prompted Alton police to the scene, where with the assistance of Mission police department and a DPS chopper, they were able to detain 2 suspects.

“I’m scared because i have 3 children. I will be more alert now,” explains Erika Delgado, neighbor.

But to the surprise of Erika and the authorities, the search for the remaining suspects led to the discovery of 5 bundles of marijuana at the property, weighing approximately 100 pounds. Drugs the robbers intented to steal.

“I’m surprised because I never imagined they would be doing that.  I thought they were just mechanics,” explains Degaldo.

Three of the victims of the home invasion are now in police custody for the alleged possession of narcotics. Meanwhile police continue the search for the other 2 suspects.