Harlingen (KFXV) — Students at Vernon Middle School in Harlingen continue mourning the loss of a friend.

This after a 14- year old boy fell off a moving school bus on a way to a field trip, dying at local hospital moments later.

Drawings, candles, and words of sorrow is what’s strewn across the front lawn of vernon middle school tonight.

While the Harlingen school district carries out their own investigation looking for answers as to how the boy fell off the buss through the rear door of ending up on the concrete of Expressway 83.

We visited the district’s facility where the school buses are kept and we saw the same bus the boy was riding to UTRGV- now being carefully examined by investigators.

We saw how easy it was to open the emergency door, as it should be in case of a life or death situation.

We asked the district how the Texas Transportation Code Title 7 might change after the fatal accident — which says all buses should be equipped with emergency exits.

They say for now- the district will increase security and inspections on school buses before any student is allowed inside.

District officials also say students and staff traveling on the bus at the time of the incident were taken to the police department for questioning and are now receiving professional counseling.