Tonight we have the final verdict in the trial against a man accused of murdering his girlfriend’s baby– A baby boy only 11 months old.

The jury delivirated for less than two hours before declaring Johnny Palomo guilty. Fox News, Alexia Chavero has been following this case for days. She joins us with more.

Fox news has been inside the auxiliary courtroom a for days bringing you the details for this trial. Just hours ago, Johnny Palomas was found guilty on three counts, capital murder, murder, and injury to a child.

This was Johnny Palomo’s reaction after listening to the guilty verdict from the jury. A verdict including capital murder a charge that in the U.S. qualifies for a death sentence.

In silence and with tear in his eyes, the jury’s decision was unanimous.

The trial started after the death of this 11 month old baby. Prosecutors arguing what happened in 2014, saying Palomo beat his then girlfriend, Vanessa Flores and mother of the baby only to do the same with baby Jeremy, taking his life.

Flores was sentenced less than 5 month ago for not reporting the abuse of her child on time.

During the trial, Kylie, Jeremy’s sister stated she was inside the baby’s room when Palomo beat the baby causing his brain the swell, dying moments later.