A man, who has made the immigration debate a personal cause, continues to make headlines a day after being released by border patrol.
Jose Antonio Vargas was detained at McAllen Miller International airport after officials say he told them he was in the country illegally.
Vargas, a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist has been living in the u-s illegally since he was a child.
He was asked, how was it possible he didn’t know he would get extra scrutiny at the airport.
This was his response when asked if his arrest was a political stunt.
“People have been asking me if this is some sort of stunt. Is it a stunt to get on a plane to leave, to try to get out of south Texas? Actually I had to get out one of two ways. Either somebody driving me, right, or I fly out.
“Well either driving or flying out I was going to be checked either through a checkpoint or through TSA or border. I had to make a choice and my lawyers advised me that I should actually just try to fly out the same way I flew in. That’s the risk I had to take,”
Officials say they let Vargas go because he had never been arrested before, but he could now face an immigration judge.