The superintendent says Jeydon Loredo was never at risk of being excluded.

18-year-old Jeydon Loredo considers himself transgendered. Born a female but identifies as a male. His gender had not been a problem at home, with his friends or even at school.

That until La Feria ISD began dealing with a legal issue during the past week. Jeydon accused the school of being discriminated against by allegedly having his photograph refused for the yearbook.

According to the initial complaint made by Loredo’s attorney, Jeydon asked the school repeatedly to include his picture where he is shown wearing a tuxedo rather than a dress or gender neutral attire.

“In the valley we are behind other larger cities when it comes to stigma. It is very important that we come together and create awareness so that people understand that when they see these stories at the national level, it’s not that far away. It’s here and it’s now,” explains Jonathan powers / pastor, Christian church Mount Calvary.

Superintendent Raymundo Villarreal Jr.  Spoke to Fox 2 off-camera and said Loredo was offered the option of dressing casual without the intention of excluding him. This Friday the school board and the district allowed to run the photo. An act now celebrated by the LGBT community.

“We sometime we get lost in ‘US v.s. Them’ and that’s not what it’s about, especially when it comes to kids. So anytime someone has a revelation, be it the school district, being people individually, it should be celebrated.”

The superintendent also added that the school district of La Feria will be considering a more inclusive policy to help serve the entire community.