Valley Organization Aims to Decrease Suicide Rates among Veterans

A local American hero, once on the verge of committing suicide, recently found comfort in a new project. A project he says can help others with the same struggles.

The new project is called “the Maverick Movement.” According to the VA’s suicide data report, an estimated 8,000 veterans commit suicide each year, something this programs hopes to diminish.

Forty-three-year-old, Marco Soto has been battling post-traumatic stress disorder since serving as a pharmaceutical compound specialist in the gulf war.

The maverick movement’s focus is to decrease suicide rates among veterans, by providing prevention and awareness through an organized support group.

Soto says his faith saved him, now all he wants is to continue with the ‘Maverick Movement’, an organization he created, to help others battling collective unconscious and PTSD issues.

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