Elsa (KFXV) — We begin tonight with a valley native who continues to recover in a South Carolina hospital after being shot in the head.
This is a story you will only see on Fox News.
We spoke to the Leal family who says they were expecting John Anthony Leal to come home and spend this Christmas with them together as a family. Now that’s something that won’t be happening. Kendra Lozano remembers the exact moment she received the call from her mother.
The call telling her that her brother John, born and raised in Elsa, had been shot in the head more than a thousand miles away from home.
The family tells us John had traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for a temporary job; when one night after a time out with friends. John was found with a bullet to his head in the driver’s seat of his vehicle.
The Charleston Police Department sending out this tweet the night of the shooting.
Meanwhile his family is looking for answers as to who attempted to end John’s life and why.
We reached out the the Charleston Police department about this case but, we haven’t received a response as of yet. John has undergone several surgeries to remove fragments of the bullet from his brain. The bullet paralyzed the left side of his body. A gofundme account is active at this time to help pay for medical expenses.