Valley Legislator Pushing for Cameras in Courtrooms

A Valley legislator is pushing for a constitutional amendment in Austin to introduce video recordings to the Texas Supreme Court of Criminal Appeals.

Representative Terry Canales presented the proposal during a committee hearing where he argued that his idea justifies its cost. House joint resolution 62 is being considered by a legislative committee by request of legislator Canales, who seeks to give the public open access to happenings in the highest appellate criminal court in Texas. The representative argues that the civil court of appeals has implemented a similar measure since 2007. However Canales faces one main obstacle. According to the legislative budget board, the initial cost comes at $300,000 in addition to the $48,000 annually that it would take to operate.

The judge says he favors the idea of having cameras like this one recording the court of appeals however this effort in the name of transparency, he says could favor some more than others.

If approved by the legislature, the constitutional amendment would be added to the ballot in November for voters to decide whether to approve or reject it.

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