Hotels across the valley will be under tight scrutiny as the US Department of Labor revises wages. These establishments could be facing major consequences if found at fault for improperly paying employees.
As of today, the US Department of Labor Hour and Wage Division will be monitoring employee’s wages across the Rio Grande Valley.
Wage and Hour’s southwest region, which includes the McAllen district office, launched a regional initiative to address compliance problems in the hotel and motel industry.
Wage and Hour will be investigating hotels, motels, and other companies who hire or provide workers for the hotel industry.
This effort will extend across area and in south padre, where a concentration of hotels and motels are located.
‘Fuerza Del Valle’ is an organization that helps workers in our area, cope and deal with problems such as wage theft.
Hector Guzman, coordinator for the organization says they’ve seen close to a dozen of complaints from these industries.
According to representatives from the USDL, some of the most vulnerable workers are among the hotel industries. Main reason why they say, some cases are never noticed.
However, employees keeping track of the hours and days worked could be the key to fixing wages when the issue is addressed.
To report any kind of wage theft or if you believe there is a problem, you can contact the department of labor at (956) 682-4631.