From the staples of agriculture, to an ever-evolving relationship with our international neighbor, and even looking beyond the skies to other-wordly possibilities.

The most southern tip of Texas is having a big imprint on the country. For generations the backdrop of Rio Grande Valley landscape is the infinite lines of crops, that not only feed countless stomachs nationwide,  but nourish our economy.

The impact of Valley agriculture production branching out to a nearly $2B industry. But it’s our ports of entry that are the gates to the largest market in the world by road, rail, water, and even pipeline there is a revolving-door of transportation methods.

Out of 350 ports across the country, the port of Brownsville continues to climb up the ladder and even taking the top spot in some categories.   Moving from the gulf waters to Texas asphalt, Pharr International Bridge is a leader with over 10,000 northbound loads every week.

That northbound traffic is expected to rise, the valley is on the cusp of a super highway. Almost complete, a new route from Mazatlan through Matamoros will make the Valley nearly 200 mi. shorter than our border competitor– Phoenix, Arizona.

To say that much of our dollars signs are tied to Mexico would be an understatement with a cash flow on both sides of the register, they are the backbone of our economy. Retail exceeds $13B in sales every year with a major chunk coming from mexican nationals.

But the Valley’s is also a competitive environment for companies that base their location on the U.S. side, but operate production factories– or maquiladoras– just several miles away in Mexico.

From Panasonic, to Nokia, and Black and Decker, McAllen is an example of this mutually beneficial relationship. They view Reynosa not only as a neighbor, but as an extension of the city.

But our economy doesn’t simply rely on the tried-and-true, but looks towards the future, a vision with hopes to travel well beyond possibilities here on earth.It’s a backyard that’s not only a lot larger, but more diverse, than we may think.