These pro-immigrant organizations say deferred action is a rare opportunity that should be taken for those who qualify.

This group of college students from the university of Texas-pan american holds weekly meetings to reach an objective…

“Advocate for comprehensive immigration reform, advocate for deferred action, advocate for increasing the amount of Hispanic students to continue coming to college” .

The minority affairs council is composed in part by young adults such as Renteria also known as “dreamers” after the proposed dream act, legislation not yet passed but that president Obama used as an executive order to allow immigrant minors to apply for visas and avoid deportation through deferred action.

“I applied for the program late last year and i received my work permit and my social security which allowed me to work. I do have my bachelor’s and master’s at UTPA and I’m very happy to announce that i have a job. “

The University of Texas pro bono Program along with the Texas civil rights project along with the student organization will be offering for the second time, free legal counsel for valley residents between the age of 16 and 32.

“Get a work permit for 2 years, which can be renewed after 2 years and they also get deferred action; a type of protection from deportation people can get a social security number, a driver’s license for young people to go to work. ”

According to Fischer, the deferred action program may help dreamer’s dispel some fears but it must be taken advantage of soon.

” Especially now that we don’t know what’s going to happen with immigration reform. It’s not looking very optimistic that it will pass and we don’t know how much people are going to have to wait for an immigration release. “

Such clinics will take place January 6th and 7th at the San Juan idea preparatory school, counseling though will require a scheduled appointment, which can be made by calling the number on screen.

And even though there is no deadline to schedule the appointment for legal counsel, only 120 slots will be given to those who qualify.