Like the rest of the country, the pools were glued to their screen, watching the tense moments unfold at Arapahoe High School.
Their concern– went beyond breaking news of the day deepened with a panic more intimate than ours.
They were looking at images all-too familiar.
Their eldest granddaughter, 16-year-old Olivia France was inside, locked in a classroom.
Olivia witnessed first-hand, moments that echo tragedies tattooed on this Denver suburb with columbine high school just 8 mi. away.
This Friday, December 13th joining a wave of senseless suffering we may never be able to fully comprehend.
But now, the pool’s can peel themselves away, the news once again a backdrop to their Winter Texan RV home.
In just a little over an hour, tense moments of helplessness, becoming an indescribable sigh of relief.