This afternoon the third annual border economics development and entrepreneurship symposium took place to find common goals between Mexico and the border region.

This is fabiola urgel a UTPA student and president of the economic society. She a native from Coahuila, Mexico. Is already finding herself as the coordinator for the bedes convention at the age of 20.

Fabiola was asked by her department chair to take lead in this economic development conference, he  knows just how significant hands on experience in the field is.

The convention that included the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and UTPA focused on the recent and future state of economy in the RGV, Texas and overall nation.

And the rgv is indeed moving  forward economically with Valley farms and  ranches producing an average of $500M annually in cash receipts and retail sales exceeding 5 billion.

Now these numbers may not mean much to you but for college sophomore Fabiola it is what get her up in the morning.

Fabiola plans to continue her education with a masters in economics and if you wish to learn about what was discussed at today’s symposium visit