After years of anticipation the third defendant in the UTPA kidnapping was sentenced this afternoon.
In September 2012 Ana Elizondo, a UTPA student was kidnapped from the campus parking lot.
Her case became national and as the investigation led on many people were linked to the kidnapping case.
Nearly two years later, a judge sentenced three of the primary people involved.
Defendant, Milton Treviño who pleaded guilty in the case last year received 10 years in federal prison.
The ringleader, Miguel Angel Navarro was also sentenced earlier today, receiving 34 years in federal prison Navarro has already been convicted in January on two counts of hostage-taking and Onan Herrera Sanchez was sentenced to 20 years.
Investigators said Navarro, his wife Elva Navarro, Treviño and Herrera Sanchez were responsible for taking Elizondo from the UTPA parking lot.
Elizondo was held ransom for nearly a day before Treviño, Navarro’s nephew, let her go unharmed.
Trevino and Herrera Sanchez reached plea deals in the case last year.
The case is far from over Elva Navarro also awaits a trial on kidnapping charges at the state level.