Palmview (KFXV) — We now know that up to this day the communication officer with Palmview Police Department and driver of the vehicle continues on unpaid leave.
No charges have been filed against Jacob Rivera driver of this Red Ford Mustang.
Twisted metal was all that was left of the vehicle when Rivera and Juan Martinez, a Palmview Police Officer and 21 year old, Kryztal Luna crashed into this concrete mural over a week ago.
A preliminary investigation revealed speed might have been a factor in the accident.
Tonight investigators tell Fox 2 News they are awaiting results of a toxicology report to determine if the presence of alcohol or drugs where in the driver’s body at the time of the fatal accident.
They explain they will seek the help of the district attorney to determine the status and fate of the driver; now confirming the second employee and passenger of the vehicle is back at work with the Palmview Police Department .
Krystal Luna mother of two leaves many memories behind. Her mother posting on social media.
“Missing you now and always..remembering you on my daughter’s eyes”
Count on Fox 2 News to bring you the final results of the toxicology exam which will determine any criminal charges in this case.