Undocumented Immigrants being Fitted with GPS Tracking Devices

Individuals caught entering and living in the United States illegally are now being fitted with tracking devices. The idea is that authorities can keep tabs on them as they wait for their court date.

These tracking devices are equipped with GPS, and are similar to the ones criminals wear when they’re under house arrest.

Since the humanitarian crisis hit South Texas last summer, officials are trying to determine the best way to keep up with the undocumented individuals now living in the U.S.

The tracking devices were first seen in December 2014, but volunteers at sacred heart church say recently they’ve noticed a spike in individuals wearing them.

The purpose of these bracelets is to ensure undocumented immigrants are brought before a judge, but not everyone agrees with the tracking method.

Those wearing the tracking devices must recharge them every day, until they are removed.

Undocumented immigrants wearing these devices told us ICE agents remove the tracking bracelets, once they arrive at the address they provide to agents.

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