San Juan police says this is the largest seizure in the department’s history and it’s all thanks to a week-long undercover operation.

For about three years, Maria Garza allegedly ran a lucrative business, the illegal sale of hundreds of prescription medications and other over-the-counter drugs most of them from Mexico.

According to San Juan police, Harza traveled to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico up to three times a week to buy the pharmaceuticals, selling them at the Alamo Flea Market and even delivering them personally to her clientele.

Some of the products are controlled substances, making this a criminal activity.

The difficult access and the high prices in the American market keep clandestine businesses like Garza’s afloat.

But Garcia says the issue with conducting this type of business is the lack of regulation, which has caused serious health problems for youth in the community.

Alprazolam also known as “Xanax” is one of the drugs allegedly bought by Garza’s clients to get high. Each container sold for $90, five times its cost in Mexico. The total confiscated? $14,000.

Apart from the drugs, investigators took close to $20,000 in checks and cash. A small amount considering the $250,000 bond Garza received for the charges of possession and distribution of a controlled substance.

San Juan detectives will continue with undercover operations and monitoring other sellers.