A decision by the Supreme Court Monday allows for Texas abortion clinics, including the only one in McAllen, to remain open. However as one valley congressman points out, the decision isn’t a complete victory for pro-choice advocates.

Nearly half of all 41 abortion clinics across Texas have closed over the past two years, with more of them set to shut down. That was until the U.S. Supreme Court voted to lift restrictions passed by Texas in 2013 and upheld by a court of appeals.

For the only abortion clinic left in the valley, this is a victory for their patients who continue to line up for their services.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responding to the decision unfavorably… Saying: “the delay subjects Texas women to substandard care all to the benefit of the abortion industry’s bottom line.”

Pro-choice advocates in Texas have long fought to limit restrictions imposed on the right to an abortion by Texas legislators, a right the Supreme Court ruled in favor of in the 70’s.

As the eyes and ears of his valley constituents in Washington, Congressman Cuellar says the constant battle is a reflection of the failure of other parts of government.

With this ruling the Supreme Court is expected to hear the full appeal in the coming months.