U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents are used to encountering narcotics and undocumented immigrants, but agents working the McAllen Border Patrol station Monday, came across something very unusual.

It was very unusual as agents helped an expecting mother give birth to her baby. Both the mother and newborn baby are in stable condition and recovering in hospital tonight. The identity of the mother remains unknown, but it has been confirmed she’s an undocumented immigrant from Honduras and according to Oscar Saldaña, spokesperson for the Valley Sector Border Patrol, the woman went into labor while in the custody of border patrol agents. Saldaña says agents immediately helped with the labor, until emergency crews arrived. Several Border Patrol officers participated in the labor of the undocumented mother. Border patrol issued a press release revealing the facts and confirming the birth of a baby boy in one of its facilities. The future of the mother in the country remains unknown at this time; however Border Patrol says that she will be properly processed.