Several police agencies were involved in a police chase this morning.

This happened in the city of Alamo where two people were detained. Mauricio Razo has the details.

The chase ended just minutes after it had started after the vehicle crashed against an 18 wheeler.

This was the dramatic scene of the chase this morning in the city of Alamo.

Border Patrol tried stopping a white dodge caravan however the driver fled… The chase didn’t last long.

It ended in the intersection of Crockett and Alamo Roads, when the van crashed against the 18 wheeler the vehicle was left disabled leaving it with no tires.

Two suspects were detained in this case: an 18 and 30 year old.

Inside the vehicle 556 pounds of marijuana were found.

No one was injured in this accident and authorities have not identified the suspects.

Both men will be transferred to Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office to receive charges in the next few days.