Border patrol agents described this place as camp ground of terror and the name says it all the images you are about to see are hard to believe.

Alongside the road. Behind several bushes in a very remote area in Edinburg border patrol agents discoveries a group of 21 immigrants last Monday.

“The group we found were from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico,” explains Oscar Saldaña, border patrol spokesman.

It is still unknown how long this group had been here, but evidence indicates they had been here for several days.

“We didn’t know how long they were there for but by the tracks we can tell they had been here a while,” says Saldaña.

Oscar Saldana spokesperson for border patrol says the conditions are far from humane.

“No water, nowhere to use the bathroom and considering the cold temperatures its bad,” describes Saldana.

Along the way we also saw feces and several dangerous insects. Border patrol attributes this discovery to its collaboration with other agencies.

“We have be working with the sheriffs’ office and it has really helped us discover stash houses,” says Saldana.

The 21 immigrants were transferred to the border patrol station in Weslaco and are currently still being interviewed to determine if any human traffickers are among them.