EDINBURG (KFXV) –The trial took place in the 139th district court where the jury met once again to listen to testimonies in the case of the accused mother, Sandy Hernandez.

Hernandez’s father and sister took the stand today answering defense and prosecutors questions.

Fox 2 News was present while Hernandez father’s attempted to comfort her while she cried non-stop outside the courtroom.

This after previously listening to the testimonies of first responders on scene on the day of the incident, a home located on La Quinta Lane in Weslaco.

They confessed Hernandez did not show any signs of worry and did not ask about her son’s health when paramedics picked him up from the front porch of the residence– barely breathing and with severe injuries to his tiny skull.

One of the investigators in the case also took the bench saying he ordered a search warrant of the home after noticing several suspicious factors including the amount of blood in the residence.

He explained how they found towels and a pair of bloody scissors, which he assumed Hernandez used to cut the umbilical cord of her newborn baby.

The investigator testified that due to the injuries of the baby he conclude anything could have been used as a weapon including concrete or punches to the head.

The pathologist who performed the autopsy on the baby is expected to testify tomorrow. Prosecutors continue looking for Hernandez’s boyfriend and father of the baby who they believe is hiding to avoid testifying in the case.