31-year old Vincent Ousley knows he has uphill battle. The libertarian candidate seeks to set himself apart from the rest of his political rivals.

“I believe that having somebody that’s outside the box and outside the circle of the politicians and the influential members of the community will help to ensure that the job is getting done the way it’s supposed to be and no favors are being done, no quid pro-quo, anything like that,” explains Vince Ousley, Libertarian candidate for Hidalgo co. Sheriff.

Born in Dallas, Ousley moved to the valley in ’92 and has 10 years in law enforcement.
Graduating from the police academy in 2004, he joined the Harlingen police department.

He then became an officer for Palmview police, before transferring to Palmhurst then the La Joya independent school district, until he landed a position as an agent for the Texas alcoholic beverage commission.

“I’m proud of calling the valley my home, but things such as the incident with sheriff Trevino really give it a bad name and I want my kids to be proud of where they are from, where they were born and where they are going to grow up and I think I’m the guy to restore that name,”

As a libertarian he lives by the slogan “no ties, no lies”. Ousley believes that is key to get rid of corruption.

“I believe that the ties, the political ties, the ‘compadre’ system, the good old boy system here in the valley has led to what we saw with sheriff Trevino.”

Ousley instead proposed the creation of a citizen’s board, giving the public a window into the sheriff’s department, he also plans to bring his own command staff, make use of polygraph tests and reduce department spending.

The candidate urges the electorate to not vote straight ticket but rather look at the person running instead.

After much prayer and consulting with family and friends, Ousley says he decided to run believing it would benefit the community.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow night as we feature the republican candidate for sheriff.