Perhaps the biggest contributor to Andrew Jackson Elementary’s big win in the summer scholastic reading competition is a program, is given free to all McAllen ISD students.

The program is called Myon, and it gives kids access to thousands of books with the touch of a finger.

“The kids have more than 7,730 books available at any moment, at their fingertips.”

For the past two and a half years, McAllen ISD has offered students enrolled in pre-k through 8th grade, the chance to take advantage of Myon. It’s an online library of books, written in both English and Spanish, which can be accessed through I-pads and computers.

“They can download the books; they can take them home, even if they don’t have wifi access, they have access to those books, which is very important for students with limited means.”

The program seems to be working; with more than 21 million reading minutes logged over the summer, Andrew Jackson Elementary students beat out more than 6,400 schools, taking first place in ‘the scholastic summer reading challenge’, and it doesn’t stop there.

“We get to log on and see what the usage is like… We see that a lot of kids are logging on after hours, after school, which means we’re beating out their games, and we’re beating out the shows they have on TV.”

Currently, 787 students at Andrew Jackson Elementary are enrolled in the Myon program. Principal, Sylvia Ibarra says it’s the iPad that draws the kids in.

“Students love technology. They embrace technology. Having the option of reading a book, or reading on the iPad, it’s a great way to motivate kids to read.”

Whether it’s through Myon, or a good old fashioned trip to the library, the goal within Andrew Jackson Elementary remains the same:

“To help our students grow academically; to help them grow and develop their reading skills, and increase their academic achievement.”

Myon adds about 400 new books to the online program each semester. Kids can choose to either follow along while having books read to them, or read by themselves. For more information, head over to