After a nearly three-month manhunt authorities arrest the third suspect in a bloody crime.
On July 21st 26-year-old Ryan Tyler Sewell was found dead inside a burning vehicle on the 3500 block of N. McColl St., a homicide that led police on a three-person manhunt.
In august police arrested Homero Jasso following a raid in McAllen,
The second suspect Anthony Cortinas was also arrested in August both of them facing murder charges.

Tonight the third suspect in the vicious crime Christopher George Hernandez is finally behind bars
He was detained in Falfurrias at approximately 1:30pm with joint task forces of the U.S. Marshal’s and authorities in that municipality. Hernandez was transferred to the McAllen police department where he faced a judge just a couple of minutes ago.
Tonight he sits on a bond totaling $1M and he faces first degree murder charges
With this third arrest police hope to finally being justice to Sewell’s death. Hernandez will now be transferred to the Hidalgo County jail where he will await trial.