A new health program called TXT4Health sends diet text message reminders to diabetic patients in hopes to break bad health habits. 

A study of this recent health text program proved to reduce and change the health habits of diabetic patients. The program was created last year by University of Michigan family medicine specialist Dr. Lorraine Buis. Only 40% of the initial 1,800 participants completed the 14-week program, but a majority of those people saw results.

Three out of four said they were more likely to replace sugary beverages with a glass of water, eat fruit for dessert and choose healthier options at restaurants after receiving a healthy text tip. 88% said they enjoyed the program. It made it easier for them to track their weight and physical activity.

By 2050, an estimated one in three Americans will develop diabetes pushing doctors to find alternative methods to reverse the current trends. While the text program isn’t a cure for diabetes, it is a tool to alter one’s lifestyle choices and prevent pre-diabetes.

Now study authors are working on ways to keep people interested in TXT4Health after they sign up.