Texas Senator John Cornyn and Louisiana Senator Dr. Bill Cassidy paying a visit to the Rio Grande Valley today.

Border patrol officials tell us that with more than a hundred trips each year, these types of VIP visits are common.

Hannah Mackenzie reports:

The pair toured the area by land air and water to get a first-hand glimpse at how authorities secure our border.

“What we need is a virtual border” —  Senator John Cornyn

Following his tour of the Rio Grande Valley, Texas Senator John cornyn said a wall is not the answer to securing our border.

“It’s more than just a physical obstacle. It’s people. It’s the boots on the ground and it’s the technology” —  Senator John Cornyn

Senator John Cornyn and Louisiana Senator Dr. Bill Cassidy were briefed on border-security measures today during a tour by helicopter and boat.

“I do believe we need to bring some order out of chaos in order to de-escalate people’s fears and concerns or simply lost control. Because I think what people want is an orderly immigration system. One that complies with the rule of law.” —  Senator John Cornyn

For Senator Cassidy, a strong border is dependent on those working the front line.

“Good people working on behalf of our country, sometimes on behalf of those who are not of our country but we are showing our country’s values as we work. Never forgetting that we have to secure our borders. Never forgetting that there are laws to be followed, but doing it the American way, and an American way that makes us proud.” — Louisiana Senator Dr. Bill Cassidy

An outcome that Border Patrol officials say is only possible through teamwork.

“It’s important for us to emphasize the work that we do together with other state local agencies have been able to really come together and target these transnational criminal organizations” — BP Spokesperson Omar Zamora

Senators Cornyn and Cassidy also toured the Pharr/Reynosa International Bridge to get a first-hand look at how international trade affect the South Texas economy.