This new law is one more measure in Texas that requires the possession of an official ID, which is not only affecting the undocumented population but local businesses as well.

A new state vehicle requirement went into effect on September 1st and asks to show a U.S. government issued ID for title transfers and license place renewals.

This means anyone who lives in Texas and does not hold a proper ID will not be able to register a vehicle in their name.  A measure that has taken a toll on local auto sales.

This particular demographic happens to be the best type of client for Santiago.

“I know this is affecting these types of businesses,” says Pablo “Paul” Villarreal Jr., Hidalgo County Tax Assessor & Collector

 After other similar requirements for driver’s licenses, voting certificates and now title transfers, access to an official id is now practically impossible for undocumented immigrants.

It is still too early to tell how much this new law will affect the valley community. Meanwhile businesses like Angel Automart will have to find other sources of revenue.