A Texas native is stranded in the Grand Canyon for 5 days.

She was on the road when Google told her to make a turn, but ended up being the wrong one. She called 911 got an answer, and then click, the cell phone service went down. Her gas tank empty and darkness setting in, she parked. She had about 30 to 40 bottles of water, a few pounds of dried fruit and so she waited to be rescued.

Day 2 she built-in SOS out of rocks.
Day 3 a bigger help sign.
Day 4 a car drove right by her, but she couldn’t wave it down.
Day 5 she hiked miles made a 49 Second call that saved her life.

A DPS rescue chopper found her car and a note describing which direction she hiked.
Soon after, she was rescued, and headed to the hospital alive.