BROWNSVILLE (KFXV) — After new laws were approved during the last legislative session in Texas, many people are living in uncertainty.
Today Texas legislators discussed how this will impact on our communities.
Representatives like Eddie Lucio III among others, were present with several valley leaders to discuss topics that will impact residents of the Rio Grande Valley.
One of those was SB4, which allows for law enforcement officers to ask for a person’s immigration status.
Lucio added that soon, one city in the Rio Grande Valley will be joining the lawsuit against SB4 that claims the law is unconstitutional.
Education was also among the topics discussed including the announcement that for the first time in 50 years, a dental school will open its doors in the state and on the border.
Border security was another hot topic that took precedence. Discussions were had on how, not only is it important to reinforce security but, also allocate funds to expand infrastructure and help boost the economy here in the valley.
Additionally, legislators will return back to Austin on July 18th to vote on the law SB6 – better known as the bathroom law.
Count on us to keep you informed with the decision.