Texas House Bill 243 seeks to put a stop to needless accidents involving school children across the state.

The proposal comes nearly a year after 16 year-old Brenda Cuellar lost her life when struck by a car that failed to stop for the school bus as she tried crossing the street where she lived. The accident, taking place the evening of February 24th, on la home road near Susana Street in Palmview. An incident that inspired the creation of the bill introduced by state representative Oscar Longoria presides over that district. However policies that would require greater resources from school districts, something Longoria knows could threaten the legislation. However for Mateo Medrano, who rode the same bus at the time of the accident, says the bill is worth the effort. The result is the loss of Brenda and a memory that will continue for her family and for Carmen Gonzalez Velez who was charged with negligent homicide.