Texas governor Greg Abbott travels to Weslaco to meet with National Guard troops deployed along the border.
The visit comes in the wake of the governor’s decision to extend the deployment and amid the increase in immigrant illegal crossings.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott meeting National Guard troops at the Weslaco armory days before Christmas as a gesture of gratitude for their continued patrol along the Texas / Mexico border.
The brief visit this afternoon was also an opportunity to discuss the mission with the commanding officers. A mission to combat the increase in undocumented immigrant minors and families arriving to the border; a deployment that was extended last week and has been in effect since 2014 with no withdrawal announced.
The governor did not take any questions from reporters but did address the servicemen and women.
According to Customs and Border Protection, child arrivals have doubled to 10,000 in the last couple of months, compared to the same time last year, with family units also doubling to over 12,000. Congressman Henry Cuellar, chair of the Appropriations Committee, doubling down on the current strategy, with intentions to increase funding for Central America to help dissuade immigrants from leaving their homes.
Governor Abbott also took time to send his condolences to the family of airman Michael Anthony Cinco, who died Monday in a suicide attack in Afghanistan.