There is currently no cure for individuals diagnosed with intractable epilepsy… But there could be some temporary relief, now that Governor Abbott has approved the use of a controversial drug.

The drug is Cannabidiol, or CBD oil–it’s a chemical derived from the cannabis plant, more commonly known as marijuana. According to researchers, Cannabidiol can dramatically lower epileptic fits for patients who suffer from intractable epilepsy.

About 140,000 people living in Texas suffer from intractable epilepsy. Typically seen in children, epileptic episodes are sudden, and can occur up to 100 times each day.

Esmer Zamora is mother to two girls. She assures that if either of her daughters suffered from intractable epilepsy, she would be grateful for the drug.

The use of CBD oil requires two certified specialists to approve the drug. The Texas Department of Public Safety will regulate entities who meet the strict qualifications for manufacturing and dispensing CBD oil.

CBD oil is only approved for individuals diagnosed with intractable epilepsy, and will not be sold without a doctor’s prescription.