We’ve all done it, left the house and realized while in the car that we’ve forgotten our driver’s license…

Well, shortly, you may not need to bring it at all. As long as you have a phone or tablet with you…. We explain in tonight’s FOX 2 special report.

House bill 640 by state representative Terry Canales has been attached to a similar measure in the senate, one that would digitize your driving permit and have it with you on your phone wherever you go.

The idea comes after Austin enacted legislation allowing drivers to show proof of insurance on their smart phones and in an effort to move Texas forward with the digital trend.

If passed, the bill would require the department of public safety to conduct a study and determine if the move would be beneficial considering all the potential risks.

The states of Iowa and Delaware are the first to set up such as system, with 8 other states moving to follow suit including Texas.