Cameron County (KFXV) – Deputy Marin Hernandez testifies in his mother’s trial.

Marissa Govea is facing charges for her involvement in an accident that caused the death of 37 year old Mary Tipton after she allegedly struck with her vehicle.

In court deputy Hernandez says his mother told him she had struck an unknown object while driving on FM 803 one Rainy Night in February 2015. He also inspected the area twice the same night but didn’t find anyone injured.

When officials arrived at the suspects home they noticed damages on one side of the car and a couple of dark colored hairs on the vehicle door. Officials thought the hair belonged to a skunk. Three days later, authorities found Tipton’s body in a ditch near FM 803. The deputy informed officials his mother was involved in an accident days before near that area.

We will continue to bring you updates as the trial continues