San Juan (KFXV) — New details are released regarding the mayor of San Juan, Mario Garza, who was terminated from his position in Hidalgo County Adult Probation Services– which contradicts what he told our Fox cameras two weeks ago.
This is the letter released today clarifying Garza’s termination with the Adult Probation Department, stating he violated department policy, contradicting what he initially told Fox News.
This is what San Juan Mayor, Mario Garza told us exclusively two weeks ago when the news broke out about his termination from the adult probation department after working there for 15 years but, his previous boss told us otherwise.
In our exclusive interview two weeks ago, Garza also said this.
Fox News has obtained the termination letter with the date, June 15th, which says he was let go due to not following department protocol or procedures. Something Patrick says involved eight to twelve cases of people who requested early release from probation and not documented correctly.
This letter also indicates that Garza had a business relationship with someone on probation.
The sheriff’s office initiated an investigation in relation to alleged bribery and theft by workers in the probation department in May. Soon after, a previous employee is arrested for abuse of official capacity, a case Patrick says has no connection with Garza’s termination.
Fox News has continued to reach out to Garza to clarify what he meant during his exclusive interview two weeks ago. We will keep you updated for any further developments.