A tentative settlement is reached nearly four weeks after a jury decided in favor of a group of Donna ISD employees suing the school district and members of the board.

The plaintiffs had won over $3 million in damages; however that could change now.

Five out of seven Donna ISD school board members met this evening to discuss pending items in their agenda. It’s the first meeting held since both parties in the recent discrimination lawsuit agreed to a tentative settlement Saturday, after being ordered into mediation by Federal Judge, Randy Crane.

Although the terms won’t be made public until the school board approves it, the plaintiff’s attorney, Gus Acevedo says it’s a compromise that is still satisfactory to his clients.

“Hopefully they’ll approve it and then my clients and everyone can put this matter behind them. And it resolves this case now versus two years from now should there be appeals and that kind of thing.”

Just four weeks ago, a jury found that the school district and four of the board members had discriminated against five current and one former employee when they were demoted after supporting a different political slate. That jury then decided to award the employees a total of $3 million in damages; over $1 million coming from the district. We tried asking board president Albert Sandoval about the new agreement to which he said:

“I’d rather not comment until Thursday when the board takes action on it.”