San Benito, Texas — Officials are still adding up the damages but so far there’s more than $47,000 in vehicle damages in San Benito.

The case happened over the weekend causing fury among residents and thousands of dollars in damage.

Araceli woke up today to her vandalized vehicle.

Just like dozens of other vehicles that were vandalized, she had to pay $500 to get her vehicle fixed and now she has a message for those who committed this crime.

“I hope you learn your lesson, and I hope you pay off what we spent at the bodyshop”– Araceli Obregon

The suspects vandalized several neighborhoods including Jefferson Austin and 4th Street

Abraham Cano, Christian Guzman, Derick Bujanos, and Jonathan Aranda and two other minors who were not identified were charged with criminal mischief. Cano and Bujanos received a $25,000 Bond, while and the aranda and guzman faced two charges of the same crime with a $45,000 Bond.

The suspects caused thousands of dollars in damages and the number keeps growing.

“They damaged upwards of 51 vehicles and the reports are still coming in” — Carlos Romero (San Benito Police Dept)

For the victims that had damaged property. They have to file a police report. Then apply for a possible reimbursement.