A confessed robber is behind bars tonight facing aggravated robbery charges after he allegedly robbed a 15-year-old’s iPhone at gunpoint.

The suspect was arraigned this afternoon.

Mission police arrested 18-year-old Javier Solis, Jr., for allegedly pointing a gun at a 15-year-old’s face to steal his iPhone 4.

The aggravated robbery took place last Wednesday as the victim walked home from a local convenience store near the 1700 block of Magnolia Ave.

Police say a tip led to the suspects apprehension.

The weapon used by the suspect to commit the robbery, turned out to be a pellet gun.

Javier Solis, Jr. now faces one count for aggravated robbery.

According to police, Solis is no stranger to the law; he’s had seven prior arrests as an adult and five more as a juvenile.

Police are not releasing the victim’s name at this point.

Solis’ prior arrests include burglary, theft, vandalism, possession of cocaine, evading arrest and criminal trespass.

Tonight, he’ll spend the night at Hidalgo County Detention Center.