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Lawyer to Uber: Turn over data on rape, assault reports from riders

Image License Cropped Photo: Elliott Brown / CC BY-SA 2.0 License Link 14 NOV 17 20:15 ET Sara Ashley O’Brien (CNN Money) — A new lawsuit is again calling into question Uber’s background check policies and how it monitors its drivers. On Tuesday, two anonymous women filed a complaint in California against Uber claiming the ridesharing company had falsely presented its service as safe to passengers. Both women say they were raped by drivers. They state that they ordered the service after a couple of drinks, believing it to be safe. “Uber’s advertising campaigns make the assertion that it...

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Danny Ledezma Missing for 18 Days, Investigators to Query Uber Driver

20-year-old Juan Daniel Ledezma known as danny has now been missing for 18 days. His family members ask for your help to find him. With the lights turned on, the door unlocked and no notification of leaving, Juan Daniel Ledezma, known as Danny was last seen in his room on July 27th and has been missing since. Family members state the 20-year-old did not show signs of having any problems at home or at school causing his disappearance to be a shock. That was the last time he was seen–his dad says after not seeing him in his room...

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Taxi Service ‘Uber’ Backlash after Sydney Hostage Crisis

Amid the hostage crisis in Sydney, anger erupts over the online ride share service, “Uber”. Fares reportedly jumped as much as four times the normal price as people rushed to flee the business district, where a gunman was holding 17 individuals hostage. The soaring prices sparked a backlash against the company on social media, prompting Uber to quickly drop its prices. The San Francisco-based company said the fares increased because of high demand. It’s now offering free rides and promises it will give a refund of up to $200 Australian to riders who paid inflated...

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