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Port Isabel Man Arrested For Drug Possession

Port Isabel (KFXV) — Agents seize over 3000 grams of drugs. A special k9 investigation unit stopped Ismael Garza for a traffic violation and found cocaine, crack cocaine, and synthetic marijuana in his car. Garza consented to a search of his home located at 2300 block of Old Port Isabel Rd. Over 2800 grams of synthetic marijuana, around 8 grams of cocaine and crack-cocaine, 4 ounces of marijuana, guns and cash were seized during the investigation. Garza received multiple...

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Drug Tests Failing to Detect Synthetic Marijuana

Hundreds of juveniles in Hidalgo County are passing synthetic marijuana drug tests. This may be in part because the detection of the drug is difficult, as its composition keeps changing. A growing issue at the juvenile detention center is the negative results coming back from synthetic drug tests, even as users admit to consuming in court. Lab companies are not detecting synthetic drugs because the formula is ever changing. “The dilemma that the test has with the court is that some of the kids are confessing in an open court, “Judge, I’m doing synthetic marijuana, I need your help’....

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Three Detained Following Edinburg Raid

Three people are in police custody following a narcotics raid in the city of Edinburg this afternoon. The VICE Unit targeted a residence on the 400 block of south 29th Street around 2 pm where investigators found an undetermined amount of synthetic marijuana, which led to the arrest of a man and two women. Edinburg police say child protective services might conduct a separate investigation after a toddler was found under the care of the suspects. All three are expected to be charged this...

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Nationwide spike in hospitalizations from Synthetic Pot

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A huge nationwide spike in hospitalizations last month caused by a class of drugs often called “synthetic marijuana” illustrates the potency and dangers of the chemicals used to make them and the shifty tactics authorities believe manufacturers are using to evade regulation. Poison control centers nationwide reported 359 cases in January of illnesses from synthetic cannabinoids, which mimic the effects of the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana but can be far more potent. There were 273 in February and 269 in March. But the number skyrocketed to just over 1,500 in April, according to the...

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